Tattoos that Connect to Wonderland
What more devotion can you show to a story than to have it with you at all times?  Tattoo enthusiasts around the world can find themselves falling into Alice's story of contradiction, exploration and matter which adaptation of the story that they choose to follow!

Based on Original Tenniel Illustrations

Black line drawing of the two brothers who both hindered and helped Alice as she tried to make it through Wonderland.

Color Work

This is a depiction from the moments when Alice is found out as an impostor in the Duchess of Hearts' Court.

American McGee's Alice

This tattoo is one that uses the characters of a 3rd person video game set in an alternate universe akin to Wonderland.  The game originated in 2000 and has sold over 1.5 million copies and spawned a second game.

Based on Disney's Adaptation


This tattoo is a panoramic view of so many elements that it's difficult to name each and every one.  Search out the image and see if you can name them all!

2010 Adaptation


Tim Burton's 2010 adaptation of the Alice story was full of CGI, Technioclor and rich imagery.  This tattoo is just about as best a representation of those items as you can get!